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Initial Consultation

$350 2 hour in-home design consultation

Every single project begins with the initial consultation. Whether it’s a simple project you’re looking for guidance on, or a full kitchen remodel, it all begins with a consultation. You may be wondering why we charge for the first consultation, it’s because of the value of all of the different ideas we will discuss with you. I am educated, trained and experienced in seeing the true potential of a space and then discussing this with you. There is no contract or obligation to proceed with a design proposal or remodel after the consultation, but almost all of our clients do proceed because they get a sense of what their space could be and how incredible it will look once we've developed a detailed design solution unique to your project needs.

Owner's Suite Design

Ready to get started? Download our client profile and project information worksheet here. Fill it out at your convenience and email it to us at and we will schedule your free 15 minute discovery call and discuss a time to set up your two hour initial design consultation. 

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